Secure and Responsive IoT for all of your Ideas

We can help you realize your IoT design ideas quickly and efficiently, from Device with Wifi Connection to Cloud Infrastructure to Smartphone App.  End-to-End, we can get your project off the ground!

Our Toolbox

Our products are microprocessor based using the latest in ARM Cortex technology, allowing us to design and prototype your device functionality quickly and to incorporate sophisticated  logic and reporting features where necessary

Embedded Systems & Sensor Design

If it happens in the physical world, we can work with you to design a sensor to quantify and act on it.  We have experience designing and implementing sensors for light, temperature, air flow, water flow, electrical current, fan speeds, a lots more!


Polar Controls, Inc. (PCI) specializes in the design, prototype, and manufacture of embedded systems to several industries including residential, agricultural, telecom, and laboratory sciences. We are leading the way in IoT and Wifi communications using the latest in secure and reliable end-to-end technologies. We are an OEM provider of a polished product and can bring your ideas to market quickly.

Strategic Pricing

Whenever possible, we will work with our partner vendors to secure preferential pricing for parts and manufacturing.  With low NRE and Pay-As-You-Go style terms, your success is our success.

Rapid Prototyping

With nearly 100 years of combined experience in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Information Systems we can build you a working prototype in weeks, then rapidly make improvements to get your ideas launched fast

Over 20 Years in Business

Our team consists of Electric Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and IT Infrastructure Engineers all skilled in embedded systems development.  Integral to our team are our Manufacturing, Prototyping, and Quality Assurance Gurus.  We can quickly design, build, test, iterate, and deploy your ideas while the other guys would still be holding introductory meetings.

In-House Manufacturing

All of our products can be manufactured here in our workspace by our team of builders.  We will efficiently and precisely build and test your products so they are ready to be delivered to your end customer.  We can even do burn-in using our innovative energy saving processes!

Our Design Applications

AC and DC Inverter Design – Including DC Sensor-less Filter Blockage Detection
Internet of Things (IoT) Motor Drive
Air Flow, Temperature, and Humidity Sensors Networking
Customized Power Supplies PID or Fuzzy Logic Based Control
Embedded Microcontrollers Remote Access
Fan Degradation Monitoring System Redundancy
Fan Synchronization User Programmable Parameters
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Our Fields

Laboratory Environment Monitoring Residential Waste and Clean Water Controls
Telecom Agricultural
Residential/Commercial Monitoring Manufacturing Instrumentation
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Contact Us

Polar Controls
2 Shaker Road, Suite F-220
Shirley, Ma

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