Embedded Systems and Monitoring

Who We Are:

Polar Controls, Inc. (PCI) specializes in the design, prototype, and manufacture of embedded systems to several industries including residential, agricultural, telecom, and laboratory sciences. We are leading the way in IoT and Wifi communications using the latest in secure and reliable end-to-end technologies. We are an OEM provider of a polished product and can bring your ideas to market quickly.

Our products are microprocessor based using the latest in ARM Cortex technology, allowing us to design and prototype your device functionality quickly and to incorporate more sophisticated features where necessary.

We are committed to delivering the best solution to our customers - whether that involves recommending a component that is readily available or customizing an entire design, our engineers will deliver solutions that are both innovative and optimized for your needs.

Our Design Applications Include:

AC and DC Inverter Design - Including DC Sensor-less Filter Blockage Detection
Internet of Things (IoT) Motor Drive
Air Flow, Temperature, and Humidity Sensors Networking
Customized Power Supplies PID or Fuzzy Logic Based Control
Embedded Microcontrollers Remote Access
Fan Degradation Monitoring System Redundancy
Fan Synchronization User Programmable Parameters

PCI addresses manufacturing and quality issues in the early stages of product development. It is our belief that these issues are not exclusive departments to themselves, but are integral parts of the total design process. Our experience in these areas results in lower costs and faster delivery to our customers.

PCI's business approach is to generate a complete documentation package with each product, that can then be made available to the customer. This package includes software, schematic, parts list, manufacturing documents, reliability test data, mean time between failure calculation, test procedures, etc. PCI believes that this approach gives the customer the control and protection needed to prosper in any business environment.

Relevant Fields:

Electronic Enclosures Motor Drives and Power Supplies
Internet of Things (IoT) Networking and System Monitoring
Environmentally Controlled Rooms Smart Sensors
Air flow, Temperature, System Metrology Mechanical Assemblies

Where You'll Find Us:

Laboratory Environment Monitoring Residential Waste and Clean Water Controls
Telecom Agricultural
Residential/Commercial Monitoring Manufacturing Instrumentation